Supplier Diversity Program


The Syracuse Regional Airport Authority ® (hereinafter the “Authority”) is committed to complying with New York State requirements for Minority and Women owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprise (SDVOB) participation at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport. The Authority makes every effort to meet and exceed the requirements of Article 15-A and 17-B of New York Executive Law through the Authority’s contracts, subcontracts, concessionaires, leaseholders and any other procurements. The Authority is committed to providing opportunities for these organizations to compete via requests for proposals and use of discretionary purchasing authority.

In addition, the Authority will comply with the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program as required on any Department of Transportation (DOT) funded project.

Please see the Authority’s DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) Program 49 CFR Part 26.

Please see the Authority’s ACDBE (Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) Program 49 CFR Part 23.

For additional information on these programs including how to become certified, please visit the following sites:

MWBE:     Click Here
SDVOB:    Click Here
DBE:          Click Here
ACDBE:    Click Here

For more information, please e-mail our Supplier Diversity Coordinator


July 23, 2020

SRAA hereby announces its proposed Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation goal of 4.83% for FAA-funded contracts/agreements. The proposed goal pertains to federal fiscal years 2021 through 2023. A video conference will be held on Monday, August 24, 2020, at 10:00 A.M. for the purpose of consulting with stakeholders to obtain information relevant to the goal-setting process.  Contact Lisa Howard at for invitation.

Comments on the DBE goal will be accepted for 30 days from the date of this publication and can be sent to the following:

Linda Ryan, Aviation Contracting Officer
Syracuse Regional Airport Authority
Syracuse Hancock International Airport
1000 Col. Eileen Collins Blvd.
Syracuse, NY  13212
(315) 454-3263


Alexander Horton
DBE/ACDBE Compliance Specialist, Eastern Region & Arizona
Office of Civil Rights – ACR-4
Federal Aviation Administration
Phone: 954-641-6637