Ms. Latoya Allen

Latoya Allen is a proud, lifetime resident of Syracuse, NY and a product of the Syracuse City School District. She graduated from Corcoran High School, then attended Onondaga Community College where she earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Technology.


In 2009, Latoya felt a strong passion to reach out to the younger female generation in her community. However, being a young single parent and working to provide for her child, she didn’t believe she was capable of fulfilling this vision. Although the dream never died within her, she put it on hold. In 2010, Latoya gave birth to her second son. This gave her even more drive and determination to make her vision come alive. In November 2010, after contemplation and planning, she developed Precious Lily. Precious Lily is a mentor program for young girls, serving as an outlet for them to gather and discuss issues they were dealing with. Additional aid would also be available to help make their journey as kids and teenagers more bearable. Lastly, the program helps mold respectful and manner-able young ladies, always putting education and self-respect first.


Latoya is the founder of Rose2Rose, a support group that encourages, motivates and supports women in their careers and personal lives. Latoya also has a fitness program, Little Lady Oomphs, which teaches girls about physical and mental fitness.


In November 2017, Latoya was elected to become the 4th District Councilor for the City of Syracuse. Additionally, she was appointed as the Chairperson of Neighborhood Preservation (Homeless & Housing Vulnerable).


Latoya has had the opportunity to work in different professional environments within the Health Insurance field. However, her ultimate goal has always been to assist others in gaining a true understanding of life and how we all play an important role in creating a world in which we can all thrive. She is dedicated to both improving the quality of life of and enhancing the living conditions for families here in the Syracuse area. Latoya is enthusiastic about solving social and economic issues within our community, and her lifetime goal is to passionately help others achieve their full potential and live a fulfilling life.