Badging Policy

SRAA SIDA / ID Media Badging Policy

The Syracuse Regional Airport Authority (SRAA) Badging Office is responsible for the issuance of the Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) – ID Media badges by processing fingerprints for Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) and Security Threat Assessment (STA) background checks, and Rap Back criminal history monitoring system for applicants requesting access to the Sterile, Secure, or AOA areas of the airport under the provisions as outlined in 49 CFR § 1500 and the Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR) Airport Security Plan (ASP).

All individuals must have an operational need to obtain access to any area within the airport with their SYR issued ID Access Media badge. All badges produced are assigned to and secure by the assigned holder and remain the property of the SRAA.  

SYR ID/Access Media Application:

Please download the Syracuse Hancock International Airport ID/Access Media Application.

Please see the List of Acceptable Documents that may be used for Employment Eligibility Verification.

Badging Office Location:

The Badging Office is located on the first floor center terminal, between main entry doors 2 and 3, signed as “Information and Airport Security”, and to the right of the SAY-SI-BON convenience shop. Please call 315-442-5220 for help locating the office.

What to Expect:

Please note that badging is a two part process. Your first visit will require review and verification of proper credentials, completion of your application, signatory authorization, and the submittal of your fingerprints for vetting. Once your background check has cleared (average time 5 business days), you can proceed with the SIDA / ID Access Media training that will also require you to pass a test on the rules and regulations covered during your training. Your photo will be taken, and your SIDA / ID Media will be issued at this time. Your signatory may check on the status of your background check by using the contacts provided in the Renewal & Replacement section.  

Please note that at the time your photo is taken, you will be required to remove any head gear, glasses, goggles, or any other items that will prohibit a clear photo. The SRAA will make reasonable accommodations for head coverings required for either medical or religious preference.       

New Badges:

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**IMPORTANT** – Please be sure to check your Spam/Junk folders for email confirmations regarding your badging appointment.

Acceptable Forms of Payment:

The SRAA Badging office accepts cash, checks, and money orders for the processing of new applicant badges, renewals, contractor badges, lost or stolen badges, vehicle placards, AOA stickers, and the collection of fines for airfield & terminal violations. Please note that there is a $25.00 return check fee for any personal checks that are declined.

General Badging Fees:

Project Contractor Fees:

*All badges and placards are to be turned in to the SRAA within 24 hours of project completion. Deposits will be refunded by the SRAA within 14 days after all SIDA – ID Media badges and placards have been verified as returned to the badging office.   

Airfield & Terminal Violation Fees:

*Please note that a $55.00 fee will be charged to the employer if the SIDA – ID Media is not returned to badging within 24 hours of loss or termination.  

Lost or Stolen Badge Replacement Fees:


Any employer who employs an employee to whom an airport security badge, or other identifier used to obtain access to a secure area of an airport, who does not collect or make reasonable efforts to collect such badge from the employee on the date that the employment of the employee is terminated and does not notify the airport operator (SRAA) within 24 hours of the date of such termination shall be liable to the Government for a civil penalty not to exceed $10,000.00.      

SRAA Lost or Stolen Badge Replacement Fees:

Any Employee who has his/her SYR ID/Access Media (SIDA Badge) either lost or stolen must immediately report the incident to both their supervisor and an Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) so the ID/Access Media can be immediately deactivated.

A replacement form will be provided by the badging office, completed by the badge holder, and signed by the badge holders authorized signatory.

An explanation of loss is required on Section 1(c) of the “ID Media & Vehicle Pass Transaction Form.” If the lost or stolen ID/Access Media is found, it must be immediately turned in to the badging office and the replacement fee for the new ID/Access Media will not be refunded.  

Syracuse Driving Class Sign-up

Syracuse Airport requires anyone seeking driving privileges to sign up through the link below. If you are required to have driving, your Syracuse SIDA Badge will not be given out until this step is completed. Please follow the prompts to sign up correctly.

Syracuse Airport Credentialing Office: SYR Driving Class (

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